Stuff to Know

As a writer and a journalist, I’m a big supporter of the separation between advertising and editorial. In a perfect world, every media outlet wouldn’t have advertisers or be owned by large corporations. But, as most writers know and understand, it’s the advertising that puts food in our bellies and a roofs over our head.

For the time being, I have decided not to seek advertisers for my blog. I know that if I want to continue maintaining this blog on a regular basis and make it a full time gig, I will eventually have to, but I’m far from that point. In the meantime I may use my blogger status to get some free stuff (Oh, what? Don’t judge me. It’s one of few perks to being a writer) and sometimes that requires me to write some kind of promotional post. I would never promote a product or service if I didn’t stand by it or believed in what I was writing.

When that’s the case, you will see a (S) after the title of a post. That lets you know that I probably got something for free for doing it. If I do decide to take on advertising, I’ll let you know and I promise to be just as transparent.



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